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> Events > Workshop of Stockpile Destruction

Workshop: Stockpile Management and Destruction in Central America
From left to right: Brigadier General, Juan José Ruiz Morales; Roger Haroldo Rodas Melgar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala; Alison A.Treppel, Section Chief DPS/OAS; Carl Case, Section Chief DPS/OAS; Pedro Brolo, Representative of the OAS National Office in Guatemala; Enrique Alvarez, Technical Secretariat of the National Security Council of Guatemala.

The Organization of American States (OAS) held a demonstration in Guatemala City, Guatemala, of a new tool for the destruction of obsolete weapons and ammunition in the region, one that will travel through Central America to Costa Rica to be used in the elimination of 700,000 rounds of ammunition at the end of 2011.

This model, which originated in North America and is called “Semáforo” (Spanish acronym for System for the Elimination of Ammunition and Firearms in the Region), has the capability of daily destroying 300 firearms of various sizes and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. The system has been used in other parts of the world and is being offered for the first time to countries in Central America.

One of its novel characteristics is its mobility, which allows it to be transported on a trailer, crossing borders to bring assistance to different countries. Also, it can safely destroy ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic devices and even bombs of up to 500 pounds in weight.

The demonstration by OAS technicians, attended by officials and representatives from El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico, is the culmination of a training workshop held from Wednesday, January 26, to Friday the 28th, 2011, in Guatemala City, with the technical support of the OAS Department of Public Security and the OAS Office of Humanitarian Mine Action. The activity provided a framework for sharing best practices and identifying successful measures to ensure the appropriate management of national arsenals.

This initiative was conducted in the framework of the Inter-American Convention against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms (CIFTA), through which the OAS promotes the adequate handling of national arsenals and the effective management and destruction of obsolete ammunition in poor state. 

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