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OAS Inter-American Observatory on Security

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National Statistical Information on Public Security of the OAS Member States

National stastitical institutions on public security and related topics, responsible for the collection of statistical information, analysis and promotion of activities on public security in the OAS Member States. 

Other sources on public security:
Inter-American System; International System; Academia and Research Centers; NGOs; Publications; Full list by country.

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Statistics Division, Ministry of Finance and Economy
    It does not include statistical data on the website.  For more information, please contact: 1-268-462-4775/0451 (phone); 1-268-562-2542 (fax); stats@ab.gov.ag



  • Bahamas Department of Statistics
    To ensure that the Bahamian Government, Businesses and People are never hampered in their activities by any inadequacies of statistics, their recent trends or their interpretation; and in particular, to ensure that the managers of the Bahamian economy in the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and elsewhere, never lack adequate statistics.  (social and economic data mainly)


Barbados Statistical Service
The Statistical Service has a mandate to collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish reliable and timely information relating to the social, economic and general activities or conditions of the inhabitants of Barbados.



  • Instituto Nacional de Estadística
    Economic, Social and Demographic S on citizen security such as: domestic violence; citizen v penitentiary regimespan>
  • Observatorio de Democracia y Seguridad
    It facilitates the systematization and opening of press information related to security and social conflicts.  It does periodic reports, special reports, case files and annual reports on issues linked to security, defense and social conflicrs at the international, regional and local levels.  It also diffuses statistical information on public security and publishes the results of victimization surveys. 



  • Statistics Canada
    Statistical information on the social, economic, geographic situation and tables on public security. 



  • Red Nacional de Observatorios del Delito
    This network is composed of a series of public and private entities under the leadership of the Criminal Investigations Center of the National Police oriented towards the monitoring, evaluation, processing and statistical analysis of crime and towards the development of metholodogies and investigations in this area, as a means to share these knowledges. 
  • Red Nacional de Observatorios de Delito Sistema de información de la Policía Nacional
  • Observatorio de Derechos Humanos
    Presents detailed analysis for 2007, produced by the Obsevatory on Human Rights of the Human Rights Program of the Vice-Presidency.  It analyzes the situation of the country in terms of homicides, massacres, displacement, homicides of vulnerable sectors of society and individual desmobilization, amongst other indicators. 
  • Encuestas de Victimización del DANE
    Household surveys led by the the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) in collaboration with the the National Department of Planification, in 2003, in Bogota, Cali and Medellin.  Its principal objective is to characterize aspects related to crime. 
  • Sistema de Información del Centro de Referencia Nacional de Violencia - Medicina Legal
    The National Center of Reference on Violence (Centro de Referencia Nacional sobre Violencia) is responsible for the elaboration of information and scientific investigations on wounds caused by external factors, based on the forensic data.  It publishes statistical data for the 1997-2008 period and presents a system of statistical and information analysis. 
  • Centro de Estudio y Observatorio de Drogas y Delito
    Financed by the Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), with the objective to better understand the Colombian society and report to Colombia and the international community on world events related to illicit drugs and crime.
  • Instituto de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses IMCF
  • Revista Criminalidad de la Policía Nacional de Colombia
    Periodical publications, including updated research and statistical information on crime. 

Costa Rica


Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas
Integra la información estadística estatal de Cuba.  Elabora estadísticas y análisis destinados a satisfacer las necesidades informativas del Estado y del Gobierno a los efectos de conocer el comportamiento de los procesos económicos, demográficos y sociales.


Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Finance
No incluye datos estadísticos en el sitio Web. Siguen los números para contacto: 1 - 767 - 266 - 3401/3522 (teléfono); 1 - 767 - 449 – 9128 (fax); csoda@cwdom.dm (email).


  • Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos
    Socio-demographic data, social investigations

  • Dirección Nacional de Policía Judicial
    Statistical Numbers on criminal indicators for 2008.  These are based on the reports by the Judiciary Police at the national level. 
  • Observatorio Metropolitano de Seguridad Ciudadana
    This is a system of compilation and analysis of information on violence and crime from institutional sources and opinion polls.  It supports the definition of public policies on security and citizen coexistence on the basis of epidemologic surveillance of violences; promotion of a citizen culture of security; access, analysis and diffusion of information on violence. 
  • Plan Seguridad Ciudadana
    This website provides governmental statistical information on crime and violence for 2008

El Salvador




Bureau of Statistics
Statistical data on poverty indicators, child labor, social statistics

Haiti Honduras
  • Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas (INE)
    The INE is a governmental institution whose research is based on the recollection of primary data, through institutional administrative directories, as well as through field investigations such as census or surveys. 
  • Dirección General de Investigación Criminal. Unidad de Ingeniería en Sistemas
  • Observatorio de la Violencia en Honduras
    Statistics on public security.  Documents on violent deaths and non-intentional; documents on mortality and others.  Projects developed with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)


  • Secretaría de Seguridad Pública
    Integral system of assistance to victims of power abuse; Integral strategy for the prevention of and fight against crime; private security; statistics on the services of private security; penitentiary statistics. 
  • Observatorio de Violencia Social y de Género
    Statistical information on the types of violence, by sexe, age, level of education, kinship.  Database and indicators on social violence and gender.  Analytical documents for the definition of public policies recommendations.  Publication of documents and indicators. 
  • Sistema de Desarrollo Integral de la Familia
    Case Studies / Institutional registration, prevention of commercial child exploitation, statistics of the national services of statistics of the social assistance.  
  • Observatorio Ciudadano contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres
    It includes the list of observatories by state entities, by public policy and by type of organization.
  • Observatorio de la Violencia de Género contra la Mujer
    Forum for the elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against women.  It creates indicators on the following issues: femicides, intra-familiar violence, trafficking in persons and women, sexual and reproductive health, social violence, sexual violence. 
  • Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (INEGI)
    Information on violence, intra-familiar violence, social violence (criminals, child abuse, background of violence against women, mexican classification of crime, women abuses). 



Dirección General de Estadística, Encuestas y Censos
Information on demographic and poverty statistics


dominican republic

St. Kitts and Nevis

  • Statistics Department, Ministry of Sustainable Development.
    No incluye datos estadísticos en el sitio Web. Siguen los números para contacto:   1 - 869 - 465 – 2521 (teléfono); 1 - 869 - 466 – 7398 (fax); stats@sisterisles.kn (email).
  • Statistics Division Ministry of Finance, Development & Planning Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint lucia

Saint vincent and grenadines

  • Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police
  • Statistical Office Ministry of Finance Central Planning Division, Planning and Economic Development.
    No incluye datos estadísticos en el sitio Web. Siguen los números para contacto: 1 - 784 - 457 - 2921 (teléfono); 1 - 784 - 456 – 2430 (fax); svg.stats@gov.vc (email).  


General Bureau of Statistics
Estadísticas de población (censos), económica y social.

Trinidad and Tobago

Central Statistical Office
The CSO is a Division of the Ministry of Planning and Development charged with the responsibility of taking censuses in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and collecting, compiling, analyzing and publishing statistical information relating to all social and economic activities.

United states




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