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Permanent Council of The OAS Committee on Hemispheric Security


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Government of Canada
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OAS- Department of Public Security

DPS - Observatory - Public Policies

Public Security Policies
of the OAS Member States

Series of official documents on Public Policies on Public Security that determine the responses of the OAS Member States and their institutions to the urgent necessity of granting protection to their citizens.  In the majority of these documents, public security can be seen as the result of a public policy designed at the highest level that establishes a comprehensive strategy able to promote social development.  Note: Documents are provided in their language of origin unless otherwise indicated.



For specific information on penitentiary and prison policies, click here

Antigua y Barbuda



Seguridad Ciudadana - Modelo Argentino de Seguridad Democrática
Esquematiza el modelo que el Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina ha elaborado y comenado a implementar desde su creación en diciembre de 2010

Prevention - National Plan for the Prevention of Violence
Common work of the National Government, Provincial Governments, Municipal Governments and local communities for the prevention of urban crime and the reduction of the level of insecurity felt by the inhabitants.

Firearms - National Plan for the Voluntary Rendition of Arms
This national plan seeks to reduce the use and proliferation of firearms and ammunition; reduction of accidents and violent acts facilitated by the access and use of firearms; awareness raising on the tenure and use of firearms; promotion of a culture of non-violence. 

Intra-family Violence -Program "Victims against Violence"
This program was developed by the Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights of Argentina with the following objective: awareness, support and medical assistance for the victims of domestic and sexual violence. 

Sexual Violence - National Plan for the Prevention of and Assistance to Victims of Sexual Violence
Draft legislation proposed June 4, 2003.








Public Security - National Development Plan: Public Security (Bolivia digna, soberana, productiva y democrática para Vivir Bien, 2006) PDF, 69 KB
Public Security from the perspective of the social inclusion, participation and prevention.  It seeks to respond to the necessities of the population from a human-rights and human-security standpoint. 

Intra-family Violence - National Plan for the Prevention of and Attention to intra-family Violence 2006-2010
This plan was developed by the Ministry of Health and Sports, General Direction for the Promotion of Health, Gender and Violence Reduction.  The priorities are: 1) to develop programs and projects to improve potential of individuals and communities; 2) improve the response of the health sector; 3) strengthen the processes among sectors; 4) develop a permanent communication strategy from the local levels. 


Public Security - Programa Nacional de Seguranca Pública com Cidadania (PRONASCI)
This program gathers the actions on prevention and violence control with focus on the socio-cultural roots of crime.  It articulates programs on public security with the social policy led by the Federal government. 

Public Security - Plan Nacional de Seguridad Pública (2003-2006) (Spanish Only)
Alternative proposal on public security at the federal, state and local level, developed by the Institute on Citizenship and presented by the Ministry of Justice in 2003.  It presents a series of changes that can be made in the relatively short term, with no prejudice to the creation of an alternative global model. 


Public Security -  Canadian Safety and Security Program
Federally-funded program to strengthen Canada’s ability to anticipate, prevent/mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters, serious accidents, crime and terrorism.

Public Safety Canada
The National Center for Crime Prevention is responsible for the national strategy on prevention, which seeks to find ways to effectively prevent and reduce crime, by targeting the risk factors.  This includes the Law Enforcement Policy and the Corrections Policy.  

Transnational organized crime - Working Together to Combat Organized Crime
The agenda to combat organized crime was approved in 2000.  It recognizes that the fight against organized crime is a national priority that requires all levels of government, the law-enforcement community and other partners to work together.  In this regard, the strategies are divided amongst the following topics: 1) illicit drugs; 2) money laundering; 3) economic crime; 4) trafficking in persons; 5) car theft; 6) criminal gangs.  

Firearms - Investments to Combat the Criminal Use of Firearms
These funds will help enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies to combat gun crime, and the smuggling and trafficking of firearms



Public Security - Plan Caribbean Community Action Plan for Socvial and Development Crime Prevention 2009-2013
The Action Plan is underpinned on the Basic Principles for crime prevention strategies of the United Nations. In this context, the effective implementation of the Action Plan will rely heavily on Government commitment and leadership in developing effective and humane crime prevention strategies in adition to Socio-economic development and inclusion.


Chile Safe- Public Security Plan 2010-2014
Prevention is the starting point in this plan. That means to prevent that our kids and youth do not get involved into delinquency acts. This plan considers, among others of social prevention, interventions in vulnerable schools to strength the safeness and education of those kids who are in higher risk to commit crime. Prevention strategies that fight against drug and alcohol consumption.

Public Security - Estrategia Nacional de Seguridad Pública (2006-2010)
This strategy is the result of a consistent effort of the Chilean State to focus on, coordinate and implement the lines of action underlined in the National Policy on Citizen Security whose creation in 2004 demonstrated the effort made by various actors and institutions, both public and private. 

Public Security - National Policy on Citizen Security
it presents a State policy on citizen security.  It is the result of a joint effort of representatives from different sectors of the State, Justice, Members of the Commision on Citizen Security of Parliament, Investigation Police, Carabineros, Research Centers, Individual Experts, Political Parties Delegates and Non-Governmental Organizations

Violence against Women - Programs for Gender Equality
These programs on gender equity have been developed by the Ministry of Justice of Chile and deal with intra-familiar violence, femicide, justice and gender. 


Citizen Security - Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2010- 2014 Capitulo V. Consolidación de la Paz. Seguridad - orden Publico y seguridad ciudadana.

Documento elaborado por el Departamento Nacional de Planeacción, Dirección de Justicia, Seguridad y Gobierno de Colombia presentado por el Presidente de la República Juna Manuel Santos como una herramienta para alcanzar la convivencia y la prosperidad en nuestra nación.

Programa Justicia, Seguridad y Gobierno: Grupo Convivencia y seguridad ciudadana
En el ámbito del Departamento Nacional de Planeacción, el Grupo de Apoyo a la Convivencia y Seguridad Ciudadana busca apoyar y fortalecer los procesos de formulación, implementación, seguimiento y evaluación de políticas públicas orientadas a la protección del ciudadano.

Policy for the Consolidation of Democratic Security (2007)
Document created by the Ministry of Defense.  It establishes the primary strategic goals of all the institutions in the defense sector, also including a specific strategy on citizen security. 

Trafficking in Persons - National Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons  (2007-2012)
This strategy was developed by the Presidency of Colombia and the Ministry of Interior and Justice of Colombia.

Penitentiary and Prisons Systems - Strategic Plan of the National Penitentiary Institute of Colombia  (2008-2010)
This plan presents the mission and objectives for the implementation of the institutional prison policies.   

Costa Rica

Comprehensive and sustainable policy of promoting public safety and social peace. POLSEPAZ. Policy instrument aimed at guiding the actions of the Government of Costa Rica on public security and promoting peace. Through Decree No. 36021-MSP of May 8, 2010, UNDP was established as responsible for the development of the plan. Presented by President Laura Chinchilla, on February 14, 2011. (Spanish only)

Violence Prevention - National Plan for the Prevention of Violence and Promotion of Social Peace (2007-2010)
Document created by the Ministry of Justice with the objective to prevent crime and violence through the development of programs that contribute to eliminate the causes and factors related to the manifestations of violence. 

Citizen Security - Natiional Development Plan (PND): Summary of the most important aspects of the sector of citizen security and prevention of violence  
Document based on the PND 2007-2010, prepared by the Costa Rican Professor Jorge Manuel Dengo.

Community Security - Basic Program on Community Security
Document prepared by the Ministry of Public Security of Costa Rica






Citizen Security - Citizen Security Plan and Modernization of the National Police (2009-2010)
This instrument articulates the projects and actions of the Government and the National Police in order to guarantee the reduction of the levels of crime and the improvement of the quality of life.  This Plan emphasizes the preventive measures as well as the public services. 

Trafficking in Persons - National Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons
This plan seeks to create a system of prevention, sanction, protection and restitution of the rights of victims of trafficking in persons.  It has been established by the Ministry of Government and Police of Ecuador. 

Gender Violence - Plan for the Suppression of Gender Violence against children, adolescents and women - Executive Decree no. 620
This plan promotes the following priorities: 1) the transformation of socio-cultural schemes; 2) the implementation of a system of comprehensive assistance to guarantee the protection and restitution of the rights of victims of gender violence; 3) the access to justice in order to reduce impunity by granting the access to justice to victims of gender violence and law enforcement. 


El Salvador

Public Security - Basic Elements for a Strategy on Public Security (1996)
This document presents a comprehensive strategy on public security that incorporates the different State institutions and social sectors, taking into consideration their specificities and areas of responsibility.  This document has been diffused by the National Council on Public Security, linked to the Government of El Salvador. 

Prevention - National Plan on Prevention and Social peace (part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4)
This document has been prepared by the Ministry of Public Security and Justice, the National Council on Public Security, the Secretariat for Youth of El Salvador.

Firearms - Project "Municipalities Free of Firearms"
This project seeks to develop a pilot experience to forbid firearms in municipalities and evalute its impact on human development and poverty, as provide inputs for the national legislation.  The activities that have been developed are: 1) the municipal prohibition of firearms in all public spaces; 2) a tax increase on firearms; 3) communication campaign through the media at the national and local level; 4) compilation of firearms voluntary rendered by citizens; 5) promotion of municipal experiences

Trafficking in Persons - National Policy to Erradicate Trafficking in Persons in El Salvador, led by the National Committee against Trafficking in Persons (May 2008). 
The six strategic areas are: 1) prevention; 2) combat; 3) assistance and protection of victims; 4) protection of rights, empowerment of victims; 5) legal framework; 6) institutionality




Violence Prevention - Guatemala Segura "Unidos prevenimos la violencia"
This document was prepared by the Ministerio de Gobernación of Guatemala.

Youth Violence - Policy for the Prevention of Youth Violence in Guatemala
This document was prepared by the Presidential Commission on Human Rights of Guatemala (COPREDEH).

Trafficking in Persons - Public Policy against Trafficking in persons and Comprehensive Protection of Victims (2007-2017)
This is led by the Inter-Institutional Commission to Combat Trafficking in Persons and Related Crimes.  The main areas of work are: 1) institutional strengthening; 2) prevention; 3) integral assistance to victims; 4) protection and law enforcement; 5) exterior policy and interventional cooperation






Public Security - General Strategy on Security and Crime Prevention in Honduras
This document was prepared by the Secretariat for Security of Honduras and was published on December 13, 2007. 


Security - National Security Policy for Jamaica
The policy on national security contains policies on security, the goals, the responsibilities and the actions of the State in a central and complete strategy in order to achieve national security. 



Public Security - National Public Security Program 2008-2012 (PNSP)
The PNSP has been based on the Visión México 2030, the Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2007-2012 (PND) and the Programa Sectorial de Seguridad Pública 2007-2012 (PSSP). The PNSP underlines the objectives, the strategies and the actions that define the responsibility of the public authorities and bodies.  

Seguridad - National Development Plan (2007-2012)
Rule of law and Security l Organized Crime l Police
This Plan creates a clear and sustainable strategy divided into five central themes, including Security and the Rule of Law. 

Public Security - Public Security Program by Sector 2007-2012 (PSSP)
A program for the mandatory achievement of the respective responsibilities of each dependency of the Federal Public Administration.  This document has been approved by Legislative Decree

Crime Prevention - Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Combat Crime
This Strategy seeks to determine the responsibility of the State in relation to public security.  The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, presented his new national strategy on March 7, 2008 with the objective to launch the strategies for the first 100 days of his government. 

Trafficking in Persons - Program to assist victims of trafficking in persons  
It aims to provide the background on trafficking in persons, legislation and provide the tools for the prevention, fight and assistance to victims of trafficking in persons.  It has been developed by the Secretariat for Public Security of Mexico. 


Prevention - Prevention Model of the National Police of Nicaragua
This document was prepared by the National Police of Nicaragua


Security - Bases of the National Security Policy of Panama
State policy related to national security, adopted by resolution on June 21, 2000. 

Security - Program of Comprehensive Security - PROSI
Program being developed, with the support of the IADB, with the objective to contribute to the improvement of coexistence and citizen security in the communities with the highest level of violence, through the implementation of comprehensive, inter-institutional and participative strategies of violence prevention. For more information, visit the
PROSI website here.


Public Security - National Public Security Plan: Paraguay Seguro
This document is prepared by the Technical Secretariat for Planification (Secretaria Técnica de Planificación del gobierno) and seeks to reduce insecurity and citizen vulnerability by responding to social demand through the creation of an environment of prevention and the reduction of punishable crimes. 


Citizen Security -

Política Nacional de Seguridad y Convivencia Ciudadana
Propuesta integral y multisectorial, que incluye acciones que van desde la prevención hasta la penalización. La Política Nacional de Seguridad y Convivencia Ciudadana es el resultado de un proceso de construcción y diálogo interinstitucional (Spanish only)

National Citizen Security Plan 2011
This management instrument establishes the priorities for the intervention of the Technical Secretariat of the National Citizen Security Council, and is used as the framework for the actions implemented by the Security Committee at the national level. 

National Citizen Security Plan 2009
This management instrument establishes the priorities for the intervention of the Technical Secretariat of the National Citizen Security Council, and is used as the framework for the actions implemented by the Security Committee at the national level.  This document describes the national diagnosis on citizen security and provides a focused analysis on this topic.  It aims to: 1) increase citizen participation in prevention to support citizen security; 2) improve the operation of the Citizen Security Committees; 3) develop the capacities of the Citizen Security Committee; 4) develop comprehensive prevention programs addressed to vulnerable groups; 5) develop comprehensive programs for rehabilitation and social reinsertion. 

National Citizen Security Plan (2006)
It aims to strengthen the national policy on citizen security through the adoption of multi-sectors strategies.  The Plan has been established by the Commission of the National Council on Public Security (CONASEC) - State body responsible for the policies on citizen security. 

Violence against Women - National Plan against Violence against Women (2000-2007)
This plan has been developed by the Ministry on Women Affairs and Social Development of Peru.  It presents the legal framework and the ares of intervention to prevent and combat violence against women. 

Intra-family and Sexual Violence - Prevention Plan against intra-family and sexual violence (2008)
This plan has been implemented by the Ministry on Women Affairs and Social Development of Peru.

Penitentiary and Prison Systems - National Plan of Penitentiary Treatment (2003)
This plan presents a series of programs related to the work in prisons as well as programs of assistence to inmates. 

Dominican Republic

Democratic Security - Plan de Seguridad Democrática
It consists of a group of measures that integrate security bodies with initiatives that tackle the principal causes of crime, such as poverty and the lack of opportunities, and the incorporation of citizen participation.  This document was published by the State Secretariat of Interior and Police, for the period 2004-2009. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis


Saint Lucia


Saint Vincent and Grenadines

* An integral policy on security is currently under discussion and is not yet available. 




Trinidad and Tobago

* The government of Trinidad and Tobago is currently preparing an integral policy on national security.


United States

Criminal Gangs - Project "Safe Neighborhoods"
This project has been created by the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the US Department of Justice and seeks to reduce gun and gangs violence in America. 

Penitentiary and Prison Systems - Penitentiary and Prison Policies
These policies have been developed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons of the US Department of Justice.  They focus on various areas such as general administration and management, inmates and custody management, correctional contract services and health services. 

Pandillas - Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T Program)
Este proyecto es basado en las escuelas y se focaliza en enseñanza por parte de agentes responsables del cumplimiento de la ley.  Su objetivo es prevenir la delincuencia, la violencia juvenil y la membresía en pandillas. 

Pandillas - Comprehensive Gang Model Overview
Este documento elaborado por el National Gang Center del Departamento de Justicia de los EEUU define cinco estrategias principales de lucha contra las pandillas: 1) la mobilización de la comunidad; 2) la oferta de oportunidades; 3) la intervención social; 4) la supresión; 5) el cambio organizacional y el desarrollo

Violencia contra las mujeres - Programas desarrollados por la Oficina contra la Violencia contra mujeres del Departamento de Justicia de EEUU
Esta oficina federal está a cargo de desarrollar programas de becas para desarrollar la capacidad estatal de reducción de la violencia doméstica, la violencia de pareja, los asaltos sexuales y el acoso.  Se basa en el fortalecimiento de los servicios a las víctimas y la persecución de ofensores.  Los programas de becas incluyen las Becas para favorecer las políticas de detención y el cumplimiento de las órdenes de protección, el Programa de Coaliciones Estatales para promover la implementación del Violence against Women Act (VAWA), el Programa de Becas para la Asistencia Legal a Víctimas, entre otros.  Para mayor información sobre el VAWA 2005, haga click aquí


Domestic Violence - National Plan to Fight Domestic Violence 2004-2010
This plan has been developed by the President of Uruguay and is focused on the areas of prevention of domestic violence, education and training, and systems of information and follow-up. 


Citizen Security - Plan Integral de Seguridad Ciudadana y Prevención del Delito

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