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First Meeting of Forensic Specialists

The First Meeting of Forensic Specialists in the Americas took place on September 24-25, 2009 at the OAS Headquarters and gathered 19 delegations from the Member States, in compliance with resolutions AG/RES. 2369 (XXXVIII-O/08), AG/RES. 2462 (XXXIX-O/09) and CP/RES 955 (1706/09), and following-up on the Conclusions and Recommendations of the Sixth Meeting of Ministers of Justice or Other Ministers, or Attorneys General of the Americas (REMJA VI), Chap. VIII "Hemispheric Cooperation in Forensic Investigation" (REMJA-VI.doc.21/06).  The principal objetive of the meeting is to contemplate, amongst other relevant topics, the advancements made in the development of forensic science in the Hemisphere, as a means to promote the exchange of information and international cooperation related to the practices in this field.  In this context, the experts who tookl part in this meeting enumerated a series of conclusions that aim to strengthen the way countries deal with this in the framework of the OAS.   

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Presentation by Mexico (Spanish only)
81 MB

Presentation by Panama (Spanish only)
5 MB

Presentation by Guatemala (Spanish only)
6 MB

Presentation by Trinidad and Tobago
7.6 MB

tion by Morris Tidball-Binz, International Committee of the Red Cross (Spanish only)
29 MB

tion by Sandra Cristina Valenzuela Hernández, Chilean Police of Investigation (Spanish only)
9 MB

Presentation by Yves Quevillon, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
6.23 MB

Presentación de Werner Schuller, INTERPOL
6.23 MB

Presentation by Rick Craig, Justice Educacion Society
10.7 MB

Working Documents

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Draft Calendar
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List of participants
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Directory of National Focal Points
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Conclusions and Recommendations of the First Meeting of Forensic Specialists of the Americas
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tion by the Dominican Republic
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Survey in Connection with Meetings of Specialists in Forensic Research of the OAS Member States
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