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 Energy Unit - Publications
Limits and Potential of Waste to Energy De Cuba, K., Burgos F., Contreras R., and Penny R. June 2008 802 KB
Regional Electricity Cooperation and Integration in the Americas Burgos F. August 2008 468 KB
St. Kitts - Renewable Energy Projects and Inter-connection Assessment De Cuba, K.,and Brederode E. September 2008 893 KB
The Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Energy Sector in the Caribbean De Cuba, K., and Contreras R. March 2008 546 RB
Statement on the Development of Biofuels Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States February 2008 144 KB

Sustainable Energy Policy Initiative Report for Latin America and The Caribbean

Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States and Energy and Security Group

April 2007 308 KB
Regional Electricity Cooperation and Integration in the Americas: Potential Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits Burgos, F. August 2007 382 KB
Background Discussion Paper on Bio-energy Potential for St. Kitts and Nevis De Cuba, K. and Rivera-Ramirez, M.H. August 2007  1.51 MB
Energy for Sustainable Development in the Americas Lambrides, M. and Monticelli, J.C. June 2007 571 KB
New Opportunities for Sustainable Energy in Response to Climate Change (DSD Policy Series #11) Burgos, F. May 2007   570 KB
Presentation to the Working Group for the Negotiation of the Panama Declaration on Energy and Development Lambrides, M. February 2007 454 KB
Sustainable Indigenous Energy production and use in the lands used by the Trio and Wayana peoples in the Suriname-Brazil Border: Renewable Energy component of the Sustainable Development and Bio-cultural Conservation in the Suriname-Brazil Border Region Program. De Cuba, K. July 2006 5.12 MB
Towards a Sustainable Energy Plan for St. Kitts and Nevis: Long term electricity production cost assessment of electricity supply scenarios for promoting the introduction of Renewable Energy Technologies on Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean, the St. Kitts and Nevis experience. De Cuba, K. March 2006 6.35 MB
Policy Reform for Sustainable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean USDE December 2004 583 KB
Rural Connectivity & Energy Manual IACD/OAS April 2002 1.85 MB
Renewable Energy Policy Manual Lambrides et al. 1999 664 KB
 Renewable Energy Education
Removing Barriers to Private-Sector Development of Geothermal Resources Armstrong, A.J. Geothermal 894 KB

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