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Project Implementation Grant Awarded to the OAS/DSD for a Latin American Regional Sustainable Energy (RE/EE) Policy Development Forum

March 31, 2006 - The purpose of the Latin American Regional Sustainable Energy (RE/EE) Policy Development Forum is to actualize a comprehensive survey of RE/EE policies and regulations in each participating country. The Forum will identify key gaps, reform measures, and stakeholders critical to bring about a significant change in the policy/regulatory environment. The purpose of the Forum is also to develop results-oriented recommendations and outline strategies for executing the critical reforms necessary.

The OAS/DSD will serve as the coordinator for the forum and will work with senior officials in participating countries as well as OLADE. Activities that will be support to affect the desired outcomes will include: policy/regulatory research; intra-regional policymaker exchanges/missions; policymaker meetings/workshop; consultation with energy sector lawyers/legislative drafters; and development of specific reform recommendations.

Files: Project approval letter

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