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We, the undersigned representatives of the public, private and philanthropic sectors in the countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States do hereby undertake to jointly develop the Renewable Energy in the Americas (REIA) initiative as we collectively advance economic and social goals in the Western Hemisphere. It is our belief that while geography, language and culture distinguish our individual countries, we are all bound together by the common pursuit of sustainable development.

The goals of sustainability require us to rethink the ways and means of our economic behavior, and corresponding public policy measures. The economic and cultural legacy which we give to our children will be hollow if we fail to leave them an ecologically fit environment. Our generosity and foresight will be measured not only by our industriousness, but by the vigor and diligence with which we fulfill our obligations of environmental stewardship.

Energy is inextricably linked to achieving environmental security and economic and social advancement. Increased emphasis on the environment is opening the door to new, more modular and cleaner energy options. Increased utilization of renewable energy technologies fosters sustainable development by building local capacity, strengthening institutions and generating indigenous empowerment and employment opportunities.

The Renewable Energy in the Americas (REIA) Initiative is dedicated to the proposition that renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies can play an integral role in a new energy vision for the Hemisphere. REIA seeks to emphasize the benefits of these technologies and mitigate barriers to their deployment. REIA also involves the participation of key stakeholders in the decision making process including governments, industry, non-government organizations, utilities, and most importantly the end-users who will bear the cost and derive the benefits of these technologies. Only through this partnership approach can we ensure large-scale, long-term opportunities for renewable energy and efficiency. REIA in particular seeks to advance the contributions that renewable energy and energy efficiency can make in both large-scale, grid-connected and smaller-scale rural electrification applications.

By working collaboratively we can provide the leadership and commitment needed to bring these emerging technologies to the marketplace and capture their many economic, environmental, employment, and social benefits. It is the position of the undersigned that sustainable development in the Americas can be advanced by a hemispheric partnership for the greater utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. We come together today, in one voice, to affirm this commitment to ourselves and to future generations.

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