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The Renewable Energy in the Americas (REIA) Initiative was created in 1992 by a consortium of U.S., Latin American, and Caribbean interests to advance sustainable solutions--particularly renewable energy and energy efficiency--for meeting the growing energy needs of the Hemisphere. During the 1994 REIA Conference and Exhibition held in Puerto Rico, various governments from the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region, joined with the U.S. Export Council for Renewable Energy (US/ECRE) in setting forth an agenda for formal collaboration in renewable energy and energy efficiency. This consisted of the signing of the REIA Declaration (by 16 countries) and the establishment of the REIA Working Group. The Working Group is composed of a focal point from each of the various participating countries and helps to set the priorities for REIA.

The objectives of the REIA Initiative are fourfold:

(1) To identify and promote viable renewable energy and energy efficiency project opportunities in the LAC region;

(2) To promote policy measures that will advance the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies;

(3) To develop and assist in accessing innovative financing mechanisms suited to the technical characteristics of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and appropriate to the social and economic needs of the demographically diverse end-users; and

(4) to provide technical assistance and training on matters related to sustainable energy development.

REIA was transferred to the DSD/OAS in 1998 in order to provide better service to the countries of the LAC region. The DSD/OAS plays an important role in the follow up to, and preparations for the Summits of the Americas. This summit process, which seeks to encourage sustainable development and environmental protection throughout LAC, offers further expansion of the scope of the REIA Initiative.

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