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This study was undertaken as a part of the OAS plurinational project on the Management of Natural Resources and the Environment in the Caribbean. Jan C. Vermeiren of the Department of Regional Development and Environment (DRDE) was the manager of that project. Thomas J. Riegert, also of DRDE, drafted the terms of reference and coordinated the project for the OAS.

The study was carried out by Jorge Roldán, Senior Economist of the Inter-American Investment Corporation, under a memorandum of understanding between the Director of the OAS/DRDE and the General Manager of the IIC.

The IIC contracted David Simmons, a consultant in Barbados, who assisted in the field research. David Dacosta, Managing Director of the Caribbean Financial Services Corporation, and Philip James, Investment Officer of Business Advisory Services/Enterprise Development, Limited, provided inputs from the experience of their corporations. Juan A. Proaño, Senior Staff Engineer of the IIC, assisted in the study. Maridale Jackson, IIC Translation Officer, and Betty Robinson of the OAS edited the final document.

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