Environmental Quality and River Basin Development: A Model for Integrated Analysis and Planning

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This report was produced under Project FP/0404-75-01 with support from the United Nations Environment Programme. UNEP does not necessarily share all the views expressed, but welcomes publication as a means to encourage a wider discussion of the model.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - River basin planning and the environment

I. Introduction
II. River basin planning
III. The planning process
IV. Environment

Chapter 2 - General considerations for a planning methodology

Chapter 3 - Methodology: An outline for the integrated planning of river basins

Chapter 4 - The evaluation and display of environmental impacts of river basin development projects

I. Introduction
II. Economic development account
III. Environmental quality account
IV. Environmental evaluation
V. Display

Chapter 5 - Environmental impact in the area of the case study

I. The Bermejo River basin
II. Case study
III. Impacts on environmental quality

Chapter 6 - Comparison of Bermejo river and pilot study planning methodologies

Appendix A - Project participants

Appendix B - Summary review of selected environmental impact assessment methods

Appendix C - Methods for analyzing interactions within a system

Appendix D - Methodology for the evaluation and display of environmental impact

I. Economic development account
II. Environmental quality evaluation

Literature cited

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