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The preparation of this book involved the collaboration of a great many institutions and individuals. Appreciation is extended to all.

Support for the Natural Hazards Project, which produced the book, came from the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Regional Seismological Center for South America (CERESIS) in Lima, Peru, the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Geological Survey provided much valuable information.

The principal compiler-editor was Arthur M. Heyman with the assistance of Beatrice E. Edwards. The principal technical author was Stephen O. Bender. Major contributors to the text were Enrique E. Bello, Jerome V. DeGraff, Morris Deutsch, Ana Lea Florey, Stephen J. Garawecki, Rose Mary García-Spatz, Arthur M. Heyman, William J. Kockelman, Randall Kramer, Stewart P. Nishenko, Richard E. Saunier, Jan C. Vermeiren, and Donald R. Wiesnet. Betty Robinson thoroughly edited the text. Enrique E. Bello, Patricia V. Long, and Claudio R. Volonté prepared the document for publication. The draft text was reviewed by Edward G. Echeverria, Alberto A. Giesecke, José Grases, Barry N. Heyman, William J. Kockelman, Alcira I. Kreimer, Shirley Mattingly, Franklin McDonald, D.D.C. Don Nanjira, and Gilbert White, whose insights and observations were gratefully incorporated. The overall project was under the direction of Stephen O. Bender, chief of the Natural Hazards Project.

Important sources for the book include Integrated Regional Development Planning: Guidelines and Case Studies from OAS Experience, Primer on Natural Hazard Management in Integrated Regional Development Planning, and Incorporating Natural Hazard Assessment and Mitigation into Project Preparation, a publication of the Committee of International Development Institutions on the Environment (CIDIE) prepared by the OAS.

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