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 Main Water Issues


While Venezuela has rich hydrological resources, water pollution, specifically as a result of oil extraction practices, has damaged many of the nation’s bodies of water.  However, the wealth from this oil production has also allowed for large expenditures in water supply infrastructure, and as a result the country has maintained high levels of water and sewerage coverage despite recent financial crises. The WHO stresses that the decentralization of and promotion of the active participation of civil society in the management of water resources would greatly improve the water management situation in Venezuela, specifically with regards to the inequality of access to water and sanitation services.  It also recommends a system of tariffs and fiscal incentives that promote sustainability and the rational use of water.


This information gathered from a national report created by the Pan American Health Organization, which can be accessed here:


 Water Legislation


Venezuela has no national law on water.  Instead, the nation's water law is derived from a large number of other legislative works, including:


- Ley Forestal de Suelos y Aguas y su Reglamento, publicada en la Gaceta

Oficial No. 34.321 de fecha 6-10-89.

- La Ley Orgánica del Ambiente, publicada en la Gaceta Oficial No. 31.004

de fecha 16-06-76.

- La Ley Orgánica para la Ordenación del Territorio, publicada en la

Gaceta Oficial No. 3.238 –E, de fecha 11-08-83.

- Reglamento Parcial de la Ley Orgánica para la Ordenación del Territorio

sobre Administración y Manejo de Parques Nacionales y Monumentos

Naturales, publicado mediante Decreto No. 276, de fecha 9-06-89.

- Ley Penal del Ambiente, publicada en la Gaceta Oficial No. 4.358, de

fecha 3-01-92.

- Decreto No.883, publicado en la Gaceta Oficial No. 5.021-E, de fecha 18-

12-95. “Normas para la Clasificación y el Control de la Calidad de los

Cuerpos de Agua y Vertidos o Efluentes Líquidos”.

- Decreto 1.257, de fecha 25-04-96. “ Normas Sobre Evaluación Ambiental

de Actividades Susceptibles de Degradar el Ambiente”.

- Decreto No. 1.400 de fecha 10-07-96. “Normas sobre la Regulación y el

Control del Aprovechamiento de los Recursos Hídricos y de las Cuencas



This information gathered from the Pan American Health Organization report cited above.


 Other Important Environmental Legislation


Ley Orgánica del Ambiente

Ley N° 31.004

Created: 1976


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