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First Meeting of National Focal Points on

Integrated Water Resource Management

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Water resources managers and experts from the 34 Member States of the OAS met in Guatemala last weekend to agree on a shared and targeted response to new and emerging challenges in water resources management in the Hemisphere. The August 11-12 meeting of OAS National Focal Points on integrated water resource management was organized by the OAS Department of Sustainable Development. The agenda of the meeting was based on the priorities identified by Member States through a survey conducted by the OAS in June-July 2007.

The meeting drew on recent advances in information systems and related practices from satellite and remote sensing platforms, geographic information systems (GIS) and water models, to help participants to identify pressure points and examine appropriate response options. The review of current systems and management responses is being held against the backdrop of mounting pressures on freshwater resources in the Hemisphere due in part to climate variability and climate change. Over the past decade, several OAS Member States have been experiencing prolonged periods of droughts and/or floods which have increased pressure on these countries to adapt to these changes. The meeting of government representatives will also identify common areas of technical cooperation among OAS Member States intended to promote good governance in the freshwater sector. The Department has prepared a recent analysis of good governance indicators in the freshwater sector, as well as recent practices in innovative financial mechanisms such as Payment for Ecological Services.



Recent practices in innovative financial mechanisms such as Payment for Ecological Services.
Survey conducted by the OAS: Priority areas of cooperation l by region
Good governance indicators in the freshwater sector


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