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WHMSI is building country capacity to conserve and manage migratory wildlife.  It improves hemispheric communication on conservation issues of common interest, provides training in priority areas, strengthens the exchange of information needed for informed decision-making, and provides a forum to address emerging issues such as new threats to migratory species, or the connections between wildlife disease and human diseases. 

This hemispheric project encompassing 35 nations addresses issues from several mandates, endorsements and     resolutions by the countries in the Western Hemisphere, including the 1940 Western Hemisphere Convention , the 1996 Santa Cruz Sustainable Development Summit and Santa Cruz +10 Ministerial, and the 2001 Summit of the Americas. One of the main objectives is to conserve and manage migratory wildlife and its habitat, enforce national wildlife laws and meet international obligations.

The goal of this WHMSI training program  is to build upon existing WHMSI and other migratory species efforts to significantly enhance the conservation of shared migratory species throughout the Americas by strengthening institutional and human capacity, political commitment, international cooperation, and public-private partnerships at regional, national and local levels.


Promoting Caribbean Wetland Conservation: A training workshop for monitoring, education and conservation

Negril, Jamica

Feb 22-26 of 2010

22 participants from 16 Caribbean islands on behalf of special interest groups (decision-makers, protected area managers, scientists, educators, volunteers) were called to participate on the workshop. the main objective was to develop an effective strategy for conservation, education and monitoring of Caribbean wetlands. More...

First Workshop Latin American Network for The Conservation of Bats

La Tirimbina Reserve,   Costa Rica

Dec 12-14 of 2009

25 experts attended the first meeting of the Latin American Network for Bat Conservation that took place in La Tirimbina Reserve in Costa Rica. More...

Adaptation to climate change for marine turtles Junquillal, Costa Rica Nov 27-29 of 2009

17 marine turtle conservation practitioners, from the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica, attended an 'Adaptation to climate change for marine turtles' workshop at Junquillal Beach. The two-day training workshop, hosted by WWF. More...

Climate change adaptation workshop for shorebird conservation in the Southern Cone Rio Gallegos, Argentina Oct 21-24 of 2009

Representatives from the four WHSRN sites in the Southern Cone attended the course (San Antonio Oeste, Río Gallegos, and Reserva de la Costa Atlántica de Tierra del Fuego, Argentina; Bahía Lomas, Chile). Additional invitations were sent to partners of Península Valdés, Argentina, a site to be nominated in the near future as a WHSRN Site of Regional Importance.  More...


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 Second Round of Request for Proposals

Proposals are due by June 15th, 2009. Download files with the complete information.




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