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Western Hemispheric

Migratory Species Initiative




WHMSI is building country capacity to conserve and manage migratory wildlife.  It improves hemispheric communication on conservation issues of common interest, provides training in priority areas, strengthens the exchange of information needed for informed decision-making, and provides a forum to address emerging issues such as new threats to migratory species, or the connections between wildlife disease and human diseases. 




The purpose of these conferences is to develop cooperative strategies for conservation of migratory species and collaboration more broadly on a wide array of wildlife conservation issues among the countries of the Western Hemisphere


Date Location Topic Available Documents File
Dec 6-9, 2010. Miami, USA. Fourth WHMSI Conference.

Agenda and Presentations of the Meeting

Background Document of the Meeting


July 22-25, 2008.

Asunción, Paraguay. Third WHMSI Conference. OAS Presentation "WHMSI OAS Capacity Building Project - Richard Huber"  

January 16-20, 2006.

San José, Costa Rica.

Second WHMSI Conference.

Draft Agenda  
Summary of the FMAM Proposal   
Draft's Summary of the FMAM Proposal   
More...   ...
October 6-8, 2003. Puyehue, Chile

First WHMSI Conference.

Summary of the meeting






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