Trade and Environment Training Course for governmental Officials

The following is a series of modules for capacity-building in the area of trade and environment.  The modules cover relevant areas of international trade law, international environmental law, and, where suitable, domestic law and policy. 

In particular, the tool-kit is designed to increase the capacity of participants to negotiate and implement international trade agreements that contain  environmental provisions or  a sustainable development perspective. 

Module 1: 

Intersection between Trade and Environment


Module 2:

Trade and Environment Law and Policy


Module 3:

Environmental Dimensions of International Trade


Module 4:

Enforcement of Trade-Related Environmental Obligations


Module 5:

Negotiating Agreements


Module 6:

Post-Negotiation Issues


Calendar of Events

August, 4-5, 2008. Guatemala. Trade and environment toolkit for Government Officials.


March 31 April 4, 2008. Dominican Republic.. Trade and environment toolkit.


November 26-30, 2007. Lima, Peru.  Training Course on Trade and Environment  for Andean, Guyanese and Surinamese Officials.


October 15-19, 2007. Nicaragua.  OAS launches Training Course to Strengthen Environmental Aspects of Trade Agreements in Central American Nations.  


August 31, 2007. Washington D.C.  Meeting of Environmental Law Advisory Group of the OAS Department of Sustainable Development. More...


Requirements and Application

Requirements for participation


 Application Form 


Recommendation of Employer/Supporting Institution


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