Intersection between Trade and Environment

To describe areas of intersection between trade and environment.

This module will explore the physical and economic relationship between trade and environment. In particular, it will focus on trends associated with increased trade activity and its impacts on environment and development.  This analysis will show that there is a pressing need to balance trade and environmental goals in order to achieve sustainable development.

Rodrigo Martinez

Topics covered include:

§           International trade

o Rationales for trade promotion


§           Environmental conditions

            o Costs of environmental


            o Rationale for sound environmental



§           Physical and economic relationship between environment and international trade

o  Overview of the relationship and


o  Methodologies to assess impacts

o  Product effects

o  Scale effects

o  Structural effects

o  Direct effects


§           Tools for a balanced agenda

o  Aspects of trade promotion  that

    potentially contribute to

    environmental protection

o  Aspects of environmental

    management and protection that

    support the trade agenda







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Suggested Readings

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