DSD’s First Director Visits Headquarters

Mr. Kirk P. Rodgers Founder and first Director of the former Department of Regional Development and Environment (1963-1998), currently the Department of Sustainable Development visited Headquarters on Friday February 20, 2008. After an informal exchange with Cletus Springer, DSD Director, Mr. Rogers greeted DSD staff and discussed some of the Department's groundbreaking initiatives since its inception.



Kirk P. Rogers

Kirk is an avid outdoorsman and manager of 7,000 acres of pine forest and wetlands in Maryland. As president of his family's timber corporation, he has been drawn into the center of practical debates on sustainable management of forests in the United States. He is a former president and current regional vice- president of the Forest Landowners Association which represents owners of 60 million acres of forest land in the southeastern US. Kirk is a graduate of Yale University, with a bachelor's degree in geography and masters in natural resources management and conservation. Environment and development have been the central focus of his professional career. His nearly 40 years with the Organization of American States (OAS) has taken him around the world and placed him in key roles for many national and international discussions.






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