Preliminary Inventory of Persistent toxic Substances.

The following tables contain information that is part of the Preliminary Inventory of Persistent Toxic Substances, made by the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD). They donít represent the totality of the Inventory and are presented here for reference and reviewing purposes.

The sources of information are the National Implementation Plans for the Stockholm Convention and the National Profiles for the Management of Chemical Substances, unless it is otherwise indicated. In addition, some tables were made by the DSD based on general information and knowledge.

The Inventory is preliminary; the information presented may not be complete or be completely precise.

Final List PTS


Preliminary Inventory of PTS


Administartive bodies involved in PTS (national level)

Best Available Techniques-BAT

Chemical Waste

Classification according to use

Countries-  PTS- industry

Countries - bad practices - pop 

  Countries- PTS- Crops


Organizations involved in PTS (international)



Sitios contaminados





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