Development of a Regional Action Plan in support to the Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC)

During the SAICM Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, national representatives discussed the possibility of elaborating a regional action plan. The Countries agreed that, for the moment, it is not necessary to elaborate a regional plan. Nevertheless, first steps towards this initiative could be taken.

First, the elaboration and approval of Terms of Reference for the SAICM Regional Focal Point and for the Representatives of the region to the Executive Board of the Quick Start Programme.

It was also agreed to form a Regional Coordination Committee to support the SAICM Regional Focal Point and the regional representatives to the Executive Board. The first meeting of this Committee is being planned for the first semester of 2008, together by the Regional Focal Point and the OAS/DSD. During this meeting the members of the Committee will be elected and the activities until the next International Conference on Chemicals Management (in May 2009) will be planned.

The OAS/DSD is committed to support the region to achieve a Sound Management of Chemicals through this and other initiatives.






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