Compilation of existing legal frameworks, management systems and institucional capacities, and development of an on-line database

Two countries, Chile and Nicaragua, have been selected as reference cases of the countries of the Andean and Centro American regions, respectively, for the preparation of the Inventory- and its analysis- in what concerns to the existent legal frameworks, and to the management systems and institutionals capacities for the sound management of priority PTS (including POPs).

Based on this analysis, it is hoped to identify the lacks in the actual framework for the sound management of PTS and the priorities for the strengthening of the legal and institutional framework  in the mentioned countries.

To do this excercise and in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the current situation at the regional scale, a questionnaire was elaborated, taking in account the analysis of the NIPs and the information collected during the project. The questionnaire is currently circulating among the countries.











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