Payment for Ecosystem Services Database

In recent years, the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) has been indentifying trends in alternative, innovative, and market-based approaches such as Payments for Ecosystems Services (PES) to address natural resource management, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation among member countries.

Up to, the DSD is supporting countries of the Americas to adopt PES schemes. However, the lack of knowledge concerning the links between ecosystem management, service provision and economic activity remains as a challenge to adopt PES specially in developing countries. It is in this context that the DSD has compiled a Database of PES projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. The data base gives information about where the PES scheme takes place, the amount transacted, partners involved, area protected and duration among other details. Inquiries can be done by country, type of payment, market category (eg. Agroforestry systems, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, ecotourism and watershed protection) or a combination of them (The database can be accessed by clicking here.)




This page was last updated on Monday June 01, 2009.