UNEP Publications:

Developing International Payments for Ecosystem Services: A Technical Discussion (Background paper)

WWF Publications:

Payments for Environmental Services: An equitable approach for reducing poverty and conserving nature. (2006)

IIED Publications:

The social impacts of carbon markets in Costa Rica. A case study of the Huetar Norte region.

Exploring the market for voluntary carbon offsets. (2006)

Impacts of Payments for Watershed Services in Ecuador: Emerging lessons from Pimampiro and Cuenca, The. (2004)

Social Impacts of the Payments for Environmental Services (PES) Scheme in Costa Rica: A quantitative field survey and analysis of the Virilla watershed, The. (2003)

Better land access for the rural poor: Lessons from experience and challenges ahead. (2006)

What are we learning from experiences with markets for environmental services in Costa Rica? A review and critique of the literature. (2003)











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