Second Session of the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico.

Sustainable On March 15 – 17, 2011, the Department of Sustainable Development jointly with the regional office of the Americas for the Secretariat of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, UNISDR Americas, and the Government of Mexico co-organized and held a Second Session of the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas.

One of the main objectives was to move forward the convergence of the Disasters Reduction and the Climate Change Adaptation agendas, accepting and applying risk reduction as an integral part of the adaptation to climate change. Some of the key issues of the Session included “Measurable increases in the DRR investments” and “Cities, schools and hospitals resilient to disasters”. The Second Session contributed to the Mid-Term Review of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) and the preparation of the message that will be given at the Third Session of the Global Platform in Geneva on May 8 – 13, 2011.

Relevant participants of the Second Session were the National Focal Points for HFA / UNISDR; the National Operational Focal Points of the Inter-American Network for Disasters Mitigation, representatives from Ministries of Planning, Environment, Education, Health, Economy and Finances; representatives from regional and national associations of municipalities; as well as local governments, the academic sector, non governmental organizations, communities associations, financial institutions, and international cooperation agencies; among others. Agencies of the United Nations System and the Inter-American System and sub regional intergovernmental organisms were present as well.

  • General Agenda
  • Opening remarks by Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Albert Ramdin