Scope and levels of intervention

The DSD carries out its mandates and directives in natural disaster risk reduction, through three very distinctive levels of intervention. The first level is that of project execution for developing “good” practices and addressing pressing issues in critical areas. The second level of intervention is that of networking for information and knowledge sharing, so that “good” practices can be shared and replicated, and knowledge and experience can be transferred, so as to optimize human and financial resources. This level of intervention is supported by the Inter-American Network for Disaster Mitigation (INDM). Finally, the DSD provides for mechanisms and tools at the policy formulation intervention level. To this end, the DSD supports and coordinates with all the OAS policy and decision-making bodies; namely, the OAS General Assembly, the Permanent Council, and the various committees of the OAS and the Inter-American System, particularly, the IACNDR and the Hemispheric Security Committee (HSC).






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