Central America School Retrofitting Program (PRECA)



§                     Phase I 100% concluded.

§                     Phase II in progress:

o   Development of a Regional Program 60% completed. Draft document prepared with introduction, background, and phases I, II, and III description.

o     Preparation of the national logic frameworks 80% completed. Five drafts have bee prepared.

o Execution of national workshops 80% completed. Five workshops executed.

o      Execution of a regional forum in preparation for June.

o      Drafting of a policy paper 40% completed based on the draft document.

Upcoming events

June 2007 - Execution of a regional forum to plan PRECA next phase in coordination with UNICEF, ISDR, CECC, CEPREDENAC, the World Economic Forum - Disaster Resource Network (WEF/DRN), and the participation of relevant national actors, international and regional institutions and NGO’s identified and interested in the Program.





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