Goods and Services


The INDM seeks to capitalize on the capacity, expertise and strengths of its members to provide a wide range of services and goods. However, some unique services and goods are under development as follows:

A Web-based Dynamic Institutional Mapping Tool (DIMT), which consists of a relational database with multiple linkages so as to provide information on organizations and contacts; cooperation agreements and administrative and legal instruments for joint projects and programs; projects, including events –seminars ad conferences, workshops, meetings, and conventions; and experts and policy and decision-makers. The DIMT will include a catalogue of publications and available information, and tools for queries of multiple criteria and multiple outputs –reports and graphs, histograms and geo-referenced data. 

As part of the Web Portal and as a specific output of the DIMT, a Comprehensive Dynamic Calendar of Events (CDCE) will be developed for accessing information on current and scheduled events. Likewise a GIS, the CDCE will allow for changing temporal scales and drilling-down techniques to go from general Calendars to detailed information on events, organizers, sponsors, participants, programs, and background or discussion documents.

Geographic-specific Thematic Sub Regional Forums (Central American Isthmus, Caribbean Small Island States, and the Andean Community) are being organized to address specific issues, based on geographic profiles, needs and thematic priorities.

Finally, Inter-Agency Coordination –among Inter-American and UN Systems organizations, will be pursued and fostered by the Network.





This page was last updated on Wednesday September 29, 2010.