Foundational and Guiding Principles of the Network

The INDM adopts the following foundational principles:

•     Coordination and inclusiveness;

•     Product-oriented dialogue;

•     Value added –filling in gaps, and avoiding overlaps and duplication;

•     Strengthening of inter-governmental regional organizations; and

•     Capacity building at the regional, national and local levels.

In addition, the following overarching principles guide INDM action:

•    Prevention and preparedness –saving lives and personal property, and reducing losses and damage to social and economic infrastructure;

•    Community organization and local management –self-assessing risk of cultural, social and economic values, and utilizing ancestral knowledge and practices (bio-indicators for early warnings);

•     Gender equity –assessing gender and age-specific vulnerabilities;

•     Financial and Social Risk Assessment –investing in ex-ante measures; and

•    Private sector involvement in all phases of risk management and disaster mitigation –forging public-private partnerships.





This page was last updated on Wednesday September 29, 2010.