Forum on Good Practices about "Risks and Extreme Hydrological Events: Flood Early Warning and Resilience Capacity"

The Department of Sustainable Development of the General Secretariat of the OAS, through the Inter-American Network for Disaster Mitigation (INDM) is pleased to announce its second Good Practices Virtual Forum. This Forum’s theme will be dedicated exclusively to “Risks and Extreme Hydrological Events: Flood Early Warning and Resilience Capacity”, the first one under the Network’s platform. During the months of October thru December 2007, Latin-American and Caribbean experts will share successful experiences and practices through the RIMD Virtual Forum Platform, which will be used as reference cases in further discussions allowing the transfer and identification of “good” practices. This Second Virtual Forum will resume discussions and exchanges carried out during the Sixth Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, which took place in Guatemala between the 12 and 17 of this past August.

The INDM, is organizing the second edition of the Good Practices Forum with the argument that “dualism between ‘Central’ and ‘Local’ systems doesn’t exist; but that there is a need for active participation of communities in the Early Warning Systems operation, starting at risk identification and evaluation, the phenomenon observation and data collection, to warning communication, and contingency. It is also needed an integration of forecast information generated through ‘Central’ systems to the Local Warning Systems exists, as well as to calibrate ‘Central’ systems with local information and observations”.

This Forum is part of the efforts made in the development of the INDM platform looking to better integrate disaster prevention, mitigation and risk management in development policies and reduce the vulnerability of communities and sectors hit the hardest by natural disasters. The transfer of knowledge and best practices have become very useful for government officials and decision makers throughout the region, since they provide the opportunity to learn from the experience of other countries, while help them sort obstacles and make the best use of  their resources.

Three cases will be exhibited in our Forum and in this regard the cases and Forum will be open until December 31st, 2007.

The specific cases of each online session are detailed below:

  • First edition: The experience “Flood Early Warning System (EWS) in the Cabra River Basin” presented by Ing Calzadilla, Hydrometeorology Manager of Empresa de Trasmision Electrica, S.A of Panama. The chat Session for the first case in the exhibition will be held on Thursday, November 1st, 2007.

  • Second edition: The Experience “The Development of a Flood Warning and Response System” presented by Cameron T. Ackerman of the Hydrologic Engineering Center, Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division with the participation of Lillian Almodovar Manager of the Institute for Water Resources and Christopher Dunn Director of the Hydrologic Engineering Center, Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division. The chat Session for the second case in the exhibition will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007.

  • Third edition: An experience presented by Dr J.C. Villagran Of the United Nations University institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). The case will be determined shortly.


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