Civil Society and

Indigenous Peoples Participation

“It is increasingly recognized that any development effort requires the active involvement of an informed civil society to be truly sustainable. Public participation in the decision-making process introduces a broader range of ideas, experiences, and expertise that motivate the development of alternative solutions. Public participation provides opportunities for cooperation and coordination between government and civil society. All this is particularly true in dealing with issues related to the environment and sustainable development, since they affect people from all segments of society and can bring them together to work toward common goals.”

Inter-American Strategy for the Promotion of Public Participation

in Decision-Making for Sustainable Development



Roundtable with Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples Representatives. Bolivia  (December 3rd,2006) More...

Initiatives for the promotion of public participation

Virtual Consultation Forum will accept comments until November 19th


Virtual Consultation Forum with Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples

  • Access to Forum  

  • Invitation to Virtual Consultation Forum 

  • Summary of comments posted in the Forum 



Consolidated report with recommendations from representatives of civil society and indigenous peoples


Guidelines for the Participation of Civil Society  

Informative Bulletin





Reference Documents


Consultation Process: how will your comments reach Ministers and High-Level Authorities on Sustainable Development 


Annotated Provisional Agenda


Summary of Preparatory Workshops  


Final Report of the Workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management  


Final Report of the Workshop on Managing Risks of Natural Hazards  


Final Report of the Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism  




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