IABIN Vision Meeting


Dates:        Tuesday October 28th - Wednesday October 29th, 2008


Location:   Organization of American States Main Building: 17th Street & Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington,

                  D.C. 20006 (Colon Meeting Room)



Transportation Arrangements:


  • IEC and CI members arrive to Washington D.C. Monday October 27th in the afternoon and evening and depart Thursday October 30th , 2008


Meeting Objectives:


  • Review results of the Vision Exercise and preliminary Mid Term Evaluation and re-define, re-allocate funds, or restructure the project as necessary.

  • Review Progress on Component 1.  Assess Thematic Networks (TN) progress and review their plans for sustainability. TN representatives will (i) summarize their main achievements, (ii) present their vision on the interactive role and function of the Thematic Networks in the next two years, (iii) present possible strategies for the sustainability of both their TN and IABIN overall, and (iv) discuss activities in the 2009 Annual Operating Plan (AOP) to help achieve these goals.

  • Review Progress on Component 2, Data Content Grants.

  • Review progress on Component 3, Development of Value-Added Tools for Decision-Making, and their integration and use of IABIN data.

  • Discuss and make decision regarding Component 4, IABIN sustainability, legal status, and forward planning.

  • Discuss and review the other aspects of the IABIN Network such as partnerships and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).


Meeting Expected Outputs:

  • Recommend adjustments to IABIN-GEF project to reflect progress, challenges from last three years of project implementation and discuss follow-up GEF 2; 

  • Discussion and decision on technical development and sustainability of the Thematic Networks;

  • Plan of action for IABIN sustainability, including work plan for the IEC for the following months;

  • Work plan for Component 4 implementation.


Meeting documents:

  • Secretariat Presentation

  • OAS Presentation

  • GBIF - Bonnie Carroll Presentation

  • SSTN - Erick Mata Presentation

  • PTN - Michael Ruggiero Presentation

  • PATN - Helena Pavese Presentation

  • I3N - Ben Wheeler Presentation

  • ETN - Vince Abreu Presentation

  • Catalogue -Mike Frame Presentation 

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Dinama - Presentacion





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