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Seventh IABIN Council Meeting

Vision Meeting

  • Fundraiser Strategist Terms of Reference

  • IABIN Extended Version of Vision

  • IABIN Vision Summary

Sixth IABIN Council Meeting

e-Biosphere Meeting



IABIN took a leadership role at the e-Biosphere 09 meeting: The International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics held in London on 1-3 June 2009 presenting information on the interoperability of the IABIN Thematic Networks and Catalogue.


The conference had three principal goals:

  • To highlight the achievements and capabilities of Biodiversity Informatics;

  • To provide practitioners and users of Biodiversity Informatics with opportunities to interact and share information; and

  • To gather input from practitioners and users that will help guide the development of Biodiversity Informatics over the coming 5-10 years.

The Conference organizers will soon launch web-based discussion groups and town-hall meetings through which these communities can develop Position Papers that will be finalized at the Conference.





Thematic Network

Inter-American Biodiversity

Information Network

Invasive Species

Thematic Network






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