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Costa Rica

1.      Summary:

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has recently completed comprehensive ecoregional assessments of freshwater biodiversity and associated threat status across South America. These assessments are part of a larger effort to identify high priority habitats that lack adequate protection. The data associated with these assessments have been derived through GIS-based modeling of hydrological systems, followed by expert review and validation. Ecosystem freshwater elements have been mapped in order to represent the full spectrum of freshwater biodiversity that exists using combinations of biophysical factors such as climate, geology, and elevation.  In order to integrate these freshwater datasets into IABINís ecosystem thematic network, TNC will create a freshwater standardized classification and fill out the standard format for South America. As part of the proposed work, these data will contain metadata and hosted on a web-accessible server which will make the freshwater products available for viewing through a web mapping application and linked to the IABIN portal.

2.      Period:

September 11, 2009-May 11, 2010

3.      Contribution (GS/OAS)

$ 15.000

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5.      Principal researcher

Steven R Schill , Pablo Petri , Lenin Corrales , Maarten Kappelle


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