The IABIN Content Development Program for Data Creation


The IABIN Content Development Program is designed to improve the availability of critical biodiversity data and metadata in Participating Countries through:


1.   Small grants to institutions, who own high-quality data to digitalize and improve its availability through IABIN

For questions, please contact Olga Morales ( or Luisa Neira (


List of Awarded Projects


The following list provides information by thematic network and geographic location of those Projects awarded under the IABIN Small Grants Program.





2.      2. Training Sessions in the use of tools to capture data developed by each of IABIN’s Thematic Networks


  • Panama City, Panama March 31st – April 1st, 2008: Training Workshop on data Digitalizing Tools of Marine Ecosystems (the Terrestrial Standard Format).

  • Heredia, Costa Rica February 24th-28th, 2008: Workshop on the Installation and Administration of Software tools Developed by the Species and Specimens Thematic Network. Read more...






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