ReefFix: An ICZM Coral Reef Restoration, Watershed Management and Capacity Building Demonstration Project for the Caribbean



Organization of American States
Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN)

St. Lucia Workshop

March 30-31



Based on information from the Small Island Developing States Network. Created in 1995, the Soufriere Marine Management Area (SMMA) was designed specifically to cater to the myriad of uses in the area, reduce conflict among users and protect critical marine resources. The Management Area is divided into five zones: marine reserves, fishing priority areas, yacht mooring areas, recreational areas and multiple use areas. The zoned areas were established in an agreement after a number of consultations with all stakeholders, including governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and users of the areas. A co-management arrangement allows all stakeholders to provide input during potential conflicts and their resolutions. Formal support from the Cabinet of Ministers for the SMMA agreement was received in 1995, and support for the institutional and legal arrangements for the SMMA was given in 2000. Over the years, the SMMA has benefited from a number of funding agencies. Most provided the financial assistance which allowed it to begin. These funding agencies include the Caribbean Conservation Association, ENCORE Project and the French Government. However, the SMMA is currently self-financing, although external funding occasionally allows for the financing of pertinent additional endeavours.

 St. Lucia, March 30-31, 2010.





Nadia Cazaubon (Soufriere Marine Management Association) Management Area (SMMA) introduction
Mr. Thomas Nelson (Department of Fisheries) Department of Fisheries' Activities Specific to the SMMA
Mr. Bob Hathaway (The Marina of Marigot Bay) Water Quality and Tourism

Nadia Cazaubon (Soufriere Marine Management Association)

Activities within the Soufriere Marine Management Area
Sylvester Clauzel Economic Valuation of Goods and Services Derived from Coral Reefs
Richard Huber (Organization of   American States)

Reefix Valuation of the Economic Benefits of Marine Ecosystems

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