Rapid Assessment of the Economic Value of Ecosystem Services Provided by Mangroves and Coral Reefs and Steps Recommended for the Creation of a Marine Protected Area Caracol Bay, Hati

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Map of Proposed MPA at Caracol Bay, Haiti


Many considerations must be addressed when deciding on the designation of a site or sites as Coastal and Marine Protected Areas (marine preserves/reserves or marine protected areas).  Among these are: (i) Where it should be located and why (e.g. beaches, biodiversity, tourism corals, or any combination of factors); (ii) Its size (iii) Its possible interlinking with other reserves (both terrestrial or marine)


Other aspects which must be taken into consideration include:

  • Public sector support

  • Private sector support

  • What type of enforcement regime will be implemented

  • What type of zoning will be implemented

  • Who will benefit

  • Who may loose

  • Sustainability (financial)

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Mechanisms for mediating potential conflicts

  • Scientific


For the Caracol Bay area the most directly concerned fishing communities are :


  • Bord de Mer de Limonade

  • Montolon

  • Caracol

  • Jacquezy

  • Boue

  • Defraille

  • Cap Haitien

  • Phaton

  • Ft. Libert


The most directly implicated Government entities are:

  • Ministry of Environment

  • Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Forest Services

  • Ministry of Planification and External Cooperation

  • Ministry of Justice (regular police and coast guard)

  • Office of the Prime Minister

  • Government offices of the Department of the Northeast 


The most directly concerned private sector entities are: 

  • Association Htelier et Touristique dHati

  • Association Htelier et Touristique dHati Nord

  • Individual hotels

  • Chambre de commerce Nord

  • Concerned fishers associations

  • Environmental/Developmental NGOs working in the area


Recommended steps towards the creation of MPAs in Haiti:


1)   Determination of need (why)

2)   Consultations with public and private sector to determine the support level for the creation of a marine reserve

3)   Initial survey for the preliminary outline of the reserve

4)   Consultations with public and private sector to determine approval for outline

5)   Designation of site either through:

        Presidential Decree (Arrt), or

        Parliamentary approved law (much more difficult and a much longer process)

6)   Establish internal zoning as needed according to a classification system (e.g. IUCN)

7)   Establish management regime and responsibilities

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services Results

The Ecosystem Value Transfer (EVT)/Benefit Transfer Method (BTM) was used to calculate the estimated value for ecosystem services. In this methodology values which have already been estimated for similar ecosystems are extrapolated to the study site.  For this activity, a value of US$ 20,000 ($/Ha/yr) rate for mangroves, and US$ 5,000 ($/Ha/yr) rate for coral reefs is used based on a conservative low end average from a high of US$ 35,000 ($/Ha/yr) for mangroves and US$ 10,000 ($/Ha/yr) estimated by UNEP.

Caracol's Mangroves Park, Haiti

Reports Available


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