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Grenada Workshop

February 10-11



Tropical marine and coral reef ecosystems, including mangroves and sea grasses, are vulnerable environmental resources that provide significant economic goods and services.  These ecosystems also contribute to the livelihoods, food security and safety of all Grenadians. The health of these resources is critical to human well-being. By accounting for coastal marine and coral reef ecosystem values in management decisions, Grenada can sustain their flow of goods and services in the interest of current and future generations.

Three ecosystem goods and services provided by the marine and terrestrial habitats valuation techniques specific to tourism, fisheries, and were applied to the South Coast of Grenada that covers an expanse area which occupies the coastal boundaries of the parishes of St. George and St. David. Within the parish of St. George two established Marine Protected Areas exist, the Woburn/Clarks Court Bay Marine Protected Area and Multi-zone Management System and the Moliniere/Beasejour Marine Protected Area and Multi-zone Management System, collectively these two MPA’s represent and estimated 240 hectares. The two main reasons for establishing these MPA’s were for protection and maintenance of biodiversity and to resolve the ongoing user conflicts. This is reflected in the current MPA regulation which governs activities within the MPA.  The valuation techniques are an effective tool for valuing coastal and marine resources, and assessing the activities which are conducted within them. Overall the total value estimated for the south coast of Grenada from this exercise was $22 million US. However, this figure is under estimated in some areas due to a lack of available data. Theoretically the 8400 hectare of reef extent along the southern coast of Grenada is valued at $2,600 US per hectare.

 Grenada. February 10-11, 2010.





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