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Grenada Systems Plan Stakeholder Consultation

February 25 & 26, 2009

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Grenada Systems Plan Stakeholder Consultation, February 25 & 26, 2009

Plan And Policy for a System of National Parks and Protected Areas Part II

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Introduction and Background Plan Review and Appendix

The Government of Grenada in late February 2009 organized a workshop to revisit the Plan and Policy for a System of National Parks and Protected Areas written in 1988 by the Government of Grenada and the GS/OAS.  The workshop also had presentations on Forest Reserves and National Parks, Marine Protected Areas, and Heritage Sites by the Ministries of Tourism, Forestry, Fisheries, and Lands and Surveys.  The Nature Conservancy also presented Gap Analysis for the System of National Parks. The workshop identified the proposed new sites to be recommended for inclusion in the System of Parks, reviewed protected area legislation, and reviewed the OECS Protected Areas Policy and Model Law.   

The purpose of a system plan is to protect for all time representative natural areas of Grenadian and Caribbean significance in a system of national parks, to encourage public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of this natural heritage so as to leave it unimpaired for future generations.  Grenada has made great progress by protecting several important high forests and elfin woodlands that are responsible for much of the drinking water and other ecosystem goods and services of the Island such as fisheries production and protection from hurricanes.  Likewise there are several marine areas and protected seascapes that have been incorporated, as well as historic sites such as rum distilleries and sugar mills, Amerindian petro glyphs and villages, and historic military forts.  An assessment was also made of the land currently preserved to protect the endangered and endemic Grenada Dove, the national bird.

This effort also ties in with the OECS OPAAL (PROTECTED AREAS AND ASSOCIATED LIVELIHOODS PROJECT) that seeks to establish more effective institutional frameworks for conservation management through providing a critical focus on the legal and institutional frameworks to facilitate protected area establishment and management.  The goal is to adopt a harmonized approach to the creation and management of protected areas in the 6 countries of the OECS.

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National Parks and Protected Areas of Grenada (1998)

Southern Cone Grenada


Northern Cone Grenada

 Historic Saint George


Plan And Policy for a System of National Parks and Protected Areas

Part I