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March 9-10

The Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR) was demarcated as a fishery driven reserve in the late 1980s following detailed mapping of the reefs and surveys, from then a lot of sensitization meetings and stakeholder consultations were undertaken until in 1998 the reserve was ratified by government. It is a self funded and managed entity and is an example of government permitting a local body to manage their own resource, a shining example of locally run resource management. The management body is the Local Area Management Authority, (LAMA) and is comprised of local stakeholders; Restaurants, community groups, the respective village councils and the local dive operators within the boundary. The two dollar entry fee charged to divers and snorkeling collected by the Dominica Watersports Association is key to financing conservation activities in the Marine Park.

 Dominica. March 9-10, 2010.




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