ReefFix: An ICZM Coral Reef Restoration, Watershed Management and Capacity Building Demonstration Project for the Caribbean


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Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Coral Reefs:Decision Support Modeling

Chapter 1-3                                                                                         

Chapter 1 - Integrated Coastal Zone Management in theTropical Americas and the Role of Decision Support Models

Chapter 2 - Local Needs and Interventions for Management of Coral Reefs in the Developing Tropical AmericasThe Montego Bay Marine Park Case Study

Chapter 3 - Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Coral Reef Management and Protection: A Case Study of Curaao

Chapter 4-7                                                                                         

Chapter 4 - Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Coral Reef Management and Protection: A Case Study of the Republic of the Maldives

Chapter 5 -Values Associated with the Local Use of the Montego Bay Marine Park

Chapter 6 - Lexicographic Preferences and the Contingent Valuation of Coral Reef Biodiversity in Curaao and Jamaica

Chapter 7 - Montego Bay Pharmaceutical Bioprospecting Valuation

Chapter 8-11                                                                                    

Chapter 8 - Interventions for Coral Reef Conservation - A Least Cost Model

Chapter 9 - Integration of the Models for Decision Support in Jamaica

Chapter 10 - Development of the User Interface - Coral-Curaao, Coral-Maldives, and COCOMO

Chapter 11 - The Social Context for Local Management in Jamaica

Chapter 12-13           Anexes                                        

Chapter 12 - Incorporating Genetic Resource Utilization into ICZMPolicies and Institutions in Jamaica

Chapter 13 -Ecological Economic Decision Support Models for Coastal Zone Management in the Developing TropicsResults, Dissemination, Policy Applications, and Future Directions


Plan And Policy for a System of National Parks and Protected Areas

Part I    (From pages 1-70)                        

Part II  (From pages 71-130)                    

Grenada Systems Plan Stakeholder Consultation Attendees -- February 25 & 26, 2009

  1.         Junior Minister Ingrid Rush, MOA    

  2.         PS Gemma Ban-Thomas, MOA

  3.         Martin Barriteau, Sustainable Grenadines

  4.         Sandra Nichols, ELI   

  5.         Roland A. Baldeo, MPA (Fisheries Dept.)

  6.         Phil Saye, GSDA

  7.         Aden Forteau, Forestry

  8.         Alan Joseph, TNC local coordinator

  9.         Tyrone Buckwire, Rare Grenada

  10.         Michael Jessamy, Min. of Tourism

  11.         Andrea Easter-Pilcher, St. Georges Univ

  12.         Clare Morrall, St. Georges Univ

  13.         Bonnie Rusk, Grenada Dove Conservation

  14.         Denyse Ogilivie, People in Action

  15.         Kirl Grant-Hoschtialek, GBT

  16.         Gordon Paterson, FNPD  

  17.         Griffith, FNPD

  18.         George Vincent

  19.         Mel Turner

  20.         Richard Huber, OAS


February 26, 2009  




Anthony Jeremiah

Remarks by the Permanent Secretary




Remarks by the Minister

1988 Plan and Policy for a System of national Parks and Protected Areas (Part1 ; Part 2 )


Richard Huber/George Vincent

Review of Existing Areas




Forest Reserves and National Parks