Call for Proposals on Ecohealth Research:
Communicable Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean

August 23, 2006:  The International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada, in collaboration with the Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS, the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), announced at the World Health Congress in Rio de Janeiro a call for concept notes to support research on the use of ecosystem approaches to human health in the prevention and control of Chagas disease, dengue and malaria vector-borne diseases.  The total value of the new project is approximately US$800,000 to support four research projects.  The duration of the project is 2 years.  

Geographical areas of interest of four research grants of approximately US$200,000 each are:

Chagas Disease: Central America, the “Gran Chaco” region (including endemic areas of Bolivia, Paraguay and the north of Argentina) and the Amazon basin;

Dengue: High-Burden/hyper-endemic areas in Central America, the Andean region and the North-East of Brazil;

Malaria: the Amazon Basin

The initiative targets multidisciplinary research teams in Latin America and the Caribbean interested in developing action-oriented research studies that use an ecosystem approach to prevent and control communicable diseases.  

Deadline for submission of concept notes: October 31, 2006, and should be sent to

More information can be found at International Development Research Centre (IDRC)