Environmental Assessment and Capacity Building for Free Trade in the Andean Region: Peru                        With support of USAID and USEPA

Lima, Perú,  April 25,2006



The workshop served as a forum to discuss challenges and opportunities related to trade and environment, but mainly for the textile and forestry sectors in Peru in the context of Trade Liberalization. However, the main objective was to peer review with stakeholders from different sectors the preliminary results in the draft "Environmental Assessment of Free Trade in Peru" conducted by the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) with support of the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law (SPDA). This assessment is part of the " Environmental Assessment and Capacity Building for Free Trade in the Andean Region initiative, executed by DSD with support of USAID and USEPA and organizations such as SPDA, the Ecuadorian Center for Environmental Law (CEDA) and the Colombian Institute for Environmental Law. Written comments to the draft document (available only in Spanish) posted below can be sent by email until June 1, 2006.  Note: All Documents related to this Workshop are available in Spanish only.

 Welcome and opening remarks

  • Ambassador Ronalth Ochaeta, Representative of the OAS in Perú.
  • Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Executive Director SPDA
  • Mariano Castro, Executive Secretary, National Council for the Environment of Peru (CONAM)

 Integration of Trade and Environment Policies



  • Challenges and Opportunities for Environmental Management in FTAs: Perspectives for Peru with a new FTA. Ernesto Guevara Lam,  Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.
  • Integrated Assessments as Public Policy planning tools. Claudia S. de Windt, OAS
  • Environmental Assessments of Trade, Linkages and Relevance for the Andean Region:Methodology and Scope.  Maria Amparo Alban, CEDA.



 Effects, Challenges and Opportunities:  The Peru Assessment

o        Economic and Social Effects, Jaime García

o        Environmental Effects, Wagner Safra

o        Regulatory Effects, Isabel Calle



Open Discussion



 Agenda,            Draft for Comments and Review "Environmental Assessment of Free Trade in Peru"




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