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UNEP-UNCTAD Trade-related Capacity-Building Workshop

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

July 19-21, 2005

This regional workshop aimed to strengthen the capacities of Latin American and Caribbean countries to maximise the contribution that trade makes to sustainable development through increasing the integration of trade, environment and development objectives into national policymaking. Claudia de Windt, who attended on behalf of the OAS Office for Sustainable Development and Environment, presented regional and national experiences in the Assessment of Trade Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean and highlighted some of the OAS contributions in this area.

The workshop looked at the role of integrated assessment in ensuring the development of mutually supportive trade and environment policies, and at the current negotiations on environmental goods and services, particularly those issues relevant to developing countries in the region.

Two officials from each country in the region - one responsible for environment issues and one for trade issues – were invited to participate in the workshop. The workshop was held back-to-back with the World Trade Organisation’s Regional Workshop on Trade and Environment for Latin American and Caribbean countries, from 19-21 July. The final report of the meeting is available at the following link:


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