US Grant on biofuels


The U.S. State Department has allocated US$1 million to the Organization of American States (OAS) Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) for the purposes of supporting efforts in several Latin American and Caribbean countries in the development and use of biomass for modern energy services (i.e. biofuels and electricity).  This initiative is a component of the U.S.-Brazil Memorandum of Understanding to Advance Biofuels Cooperation, signed in Sao Paolo on March 9, 2007.  [See].  Through this partnership, the countries of El Salvador, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominican Republic, and Haiti will receive technical assistance in this area.  The OAS/DSD through its Energy and Climate Change Division will work with each of the “third countries” to assess the feasibility of expanding bio-energy production and to develop comprehensive policies and programs the support the contribution of bio-energy to each country’s sustainable development.  For more information on this initiative, contact Mark Lambrides at [email protected].




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