Panel of experts

 From Mandates to Actions:

 Advancing Payments for Ecological Services in the Americas


November 07, 2007

 Washington DC

Venue: Organization of American States
1889 F. St., N.W.,

Padilha Vidal Room  (Corner 19th and F Street) Washington, D.C. 20006

On Wednesday November 7th, the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) hosted a Panel of Experts to discuss the actions related to Payments for Ecological Services (PES) and how the member States of the GS/OAS can move forward.

Background:   The 2006 Santa Cruz Ministerial Meeting on Sustainable Development examined emerging management approaches that support economic and sustainability objectives in agriculture, forestry and tourism. During the meeting, experts identified the linkages between economic growth, development and natural resources by looking at issues such as the valuation of ecosystem services and the potential for furthering win-win economic-environment partnerships, through emerging market-driven opportunities. 

Payment of ecosystem services has mobilized new financing for developing countries, to help address poverty and environmental degradation.  Over the past, 3 years there has been tremendous well documented growth in the compliance regulatory carbon markets growing from US$11bn in 2005 to approximately US$24bn in 2006 and to US$30b in 2007 – with an untracked CO2 equivalent trading in voluntary markets for carbon offsets growing to more than US$100 million.

The Americas has several active programs in place including in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica among others being tracked by the OAS Department of Sustainable Development through an on-line inventory and database.  Moreover, analytical work is being conducted on the governance, legal and  regulatory conditions that enable PES systems that range from areas such as forest  and water resource  management to  fiscal incentives, and  property rights.  

Agenda   | Video  | List of Participants

Moderated by Scott Vaughan, Director, Department of Sustainable Development


Introductory Remarks
Ambassador Albert Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General of the OAS


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