Second Interim Steering Committee Meeting

Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiative (WHMSI)

June 5-6 2007

 Washington DC

Venue: Organization of American States
1889 F. St., N.W., 7th Floor Conference Room (Corner 19th and F Street)

Washington, D.C. 20006


Specific priorities included:

1. Lack of Knowledge (to be renamed “Knowledge Gaps”): Mechanisms for exchanging information

2. Habitat: Inventory and mapping of important sites

3. Public Awareness: Public awareness program on conservation and sustainable use and electronic information exchange

4. Administration: Regional associations to exchange information among wildlife protection agencies; establishment of a regional bird banding center

5. Coordination / Partnerships: Establishment of a center for information sharing; and joint planning of activities under international conventions

6.Threats: Types of threats to be addressed include: climate change; loss of habitat; misuse of resources; detrimental local social practices; lack of scientific knowledge (e.g. distribution and abundance); military use of large landscapes; invasive species; ineffective law enforcement; fisheries by-catch; natural disasters; inadequate management of protected areas for migratory species; wildlife borne diseases.


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