Experts Meeting on

Assemble a Toolkit for Protected Areas Managers


April 2, 2007

 Washington DC

Venue: Organization of American States
1889 F. St., N.W., 7th Floor Conference Room (Corner 19th and F Street) Washington, D.C. 20006

Summary of Presentations



1.  Share info on tools that are available for viewing and integrating geospatial or geo referenced data for Pas;

2.  Understand/share info regarding compatibilities/incompatibilities that result from use of standards/protocols;

3.  Make recommendations for improving compatibility/coupling of protected areas tools.

Dissemination of the PA Toolkit.  To present at the IUCN Parks Conference in October 2007 an assemblage of interoperable and compatible tools to build value-added products that can be run real time on an internet computer.

Definition of Tool Interoperability.  Can a geospatial platform be brought up and then put PAA info on top with other SERVIR info (atmospheric, weather data) with specimen collection data points, with WDPA parks info, with forecasted climate change info, with range of an endangered species, metadata on this species, with historic fire data, real time fire data, proximity of indigenous peoples, anthropologic studies on these particular peoples, overlap of indigenous reserve and national park?  etc  

Is coupling needed?  Or can we just "market" a suite of unrelated tools?   Coupling is needed -- if the tools cannot work together (because of standard or protocol incompatibility) -- then why not?

Example of problem the target PA managers trying to solve.  Resource value loss of wetlands goods and services over period of 1950-1975 and 1975-2000 and then 2000 to today (real time)



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Boris Ramirez


Summary of the IABIN Thematic Working Group Meeting held on March 29-30, 2007 in Panama with participation of the five IABIN Thematic Networks (Species & Specimens, Pollinators, Ecosystems, Protected Areas, Invasive Species)   | IABIN Infrastructure  


Diane Davies


Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS). Department of Geography, University of Maryland  Fire  


Dan Irwin


Gary Geller

Terra Look



Boris Ramirez (IABIN Secretariat)

Eduardo Dalcin (IABIN - Protected Areas Thematic Network)

Daan Vreugdenhil (IABIN - Protected Areas Thematic Network)

Vince Abreu (IABIN - Ecosystem Thematic Network Coordinator)

Diane Davies Min Minnie Wong (FIRMS)
Frank Biasi (Conservation Geoportal)
Dan Irwin (SERVIR)
Crispin Wilson (Rapid Land Cover Mapper and Global Data Tool Set)
Gary Geller (TerraLook)
Armando Guzman (World Bank)

Keiko Ashida (World Bank)

Ben Wheeler (National Biological Information Infrastructure - NBII)

Richard Huber (OAS)