Consultation for Cellulosic Ethanol Market Potential Assessment in Belize

Belmopan, Belize

March 3-6, 2009


The Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) held a consultation with the government and all relevant key energy stakeholders in Belize to share the findings and recommendations of the Cellulosic Ethanol Market Potential Assessment executed by the OAS Energy Division Staff and Consultants.

Stakeholders included other responsible and relevant ministries, private sector, NGOs and international/regional financial and technical agencies working in the area of energy and development in Belize.

During the consultation, it was discuss the possibility of developing a multi-stakeholder driven comprehensive strategy to further energy for sustainable development in Belize.




List of participants

Mission Report (Draft)

Press release in Belize


Mr. Lambrides and Mr. De Cuba, OAS Energy Division Staff, Cellulosic Ethanol: An Assessment of the Potential Market in Belize




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