Towards a National Energy Policy for Belize

With the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada it was developed a project entitled "Towards a National Energy Policy for Belize". This project is focused in the development of a base-line-scenario of the energy sector in Belize as pillars for the National Energy Policy. The main objective of the Project is to propose a National Energy Policy (NEP) for the Government of Belize.

A comprehensive National Energy Policy is a tool to secure sustainable energy supply which is critical to the nationís development. This policy document identifies seven key areas needed to attain them, including energy efficiency, reduction in reliance on imported fuels, stability in energy supply, administration and dissemination of national energy data, measures to curb carbon dioxide and other emissions, efficient and effective delivery of energy and policy support to the energy sector.

A strong and well-balanced National Energy Policy will allow the entire country to meet its basic energy needs in a sustainable manner and to support and improve the national economy.

  • Assessment of the Energy Sector in Belize
  • Proposal for a National Energy Policy for Belize