Americas Energy and Climate Symposium
Lima, Peru, June 15-16, 2009
The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, through its Department of Sustainable Development, is collaborating with the Institute of the Americas (IOA), the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the Caribbean Central America Action (CCAA), the Ministry of Energy & Mines of Peru, the Department of Foreign Affairs and international Trade of Canada (DFAIT) and the Departments of Energy (DOE) and State (DOS) of the United States in the organization of the Americas Energy and Climate Symposium, to be hosted on June 15-16, 2009 at the Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center in Lima, Peru.

The Americas Energy and Climate Symposium is taking place in response to the mandates of the Fifth Summit of the Americas hosted in Trinidad and Tobago on April 17-19. At the Summit, hemispheric leaders agreed to advance collaboration to guarantee energy security, promote alternative energy sources, and to act in unison to confront the effects of global climate change. In this regard, the Symposium’s main objective is to identify concrete collaborative actions to address the principal energy and climate change challenges in the Americas.

Opening Remarks & Host Country Welcome
  • Héctor Morales, United States Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS)
  • Pedro Sánchez, Minister of Energy and Mines of Peru
Keynote Presentations Energy Efficiency
Explore the possible areas for cooperation to develop improved energy efficiency standards for the building and transportation sectors as well as harmonized energy labeling and appliance standards. What opportunities exist to reduce demand for energy throughout the Americas while continuing to fuel economic and social development?
  • Facilitator: Carlos Flórez Piedrahita, Executive Secretary, OLADE
  • Expert Presenter: Marco Antonio Nieto, Director, Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía (CONUEE) de México(Spanish Only)
  • Perspectives & Responses
    • Daniel Camac, Vice Minister of Energy of Peru
    • Andrés Romero, Director Ejecutivo, Executive Director, National Energy Efficiency Program, National Energy Commission of Chile
    • Freddy Núñez, Director of Energy Conservation, National Energy Commission, Dominican Republic
    • Gloria Villa de la Portilla, Director, Energy Division, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications of Costa Rica
  • Keynote Speech: Enrique García, Enrique Garcia, President, Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF)
Renewable Energy
The Western Hemisphere has abundant renewable energy resources that offer the potential for diversification of energy matrices while supporting environmental sustainability and dealing with climate change. What collaborative tools may be deployed to help the Americas further develop this potential?
  • Facilitator: Leandro Alves, Energy Division Chief, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Expert Presenter: Marcelo Tokman, Minister of Energy of Chile(Spanish Only)
  • Perspectives & Responses
    • Richard Frederick, Minister of Physical Planning, Housing, Urban Renewal, Local Government and Environment of St. Lucia
    • Alecksey Mosquera, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Ecuador
    • Luis Beuret, Under Secretary for Electric Energy of Argentina
    • Marcia Forbes, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy of Jamaica
    • Phyllis Yoshida, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy and International Affairs, United States Department of Energy
Achieving Low Carbon Energy Pathways
As the world prepares for climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, the region faces numerous challenges and opportunities associated with the energy sector. Are there common approaches that may be highlighted through a collaborative framework to enhance the efficacy of climate mitigation alternatives?
  • Facilitator: Mark Lambrides, Division Chief, Energy and Climate Change Mitigation, Organization of American States (OAS)
  • Expert Presenter: David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary of Energy, Office of Policy and International Affairs, United States Department of Energy
  • Perspectives & Responses
Private Sector Panel
Reflecting on the presentations and insights from regional representatives, the private sector will provide feedback on partnership initiatives related to energy efficiency, renewables, and reducing the region’s carbon footprint.
  • Facilitator: Iván Azurdia, Director, Fundación Solar
  • Perspectives & Responses
    • Carlos St. James, Presidente, President, Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber (CADER)
    • Manlio Alessi, Chief Business Developer, Andes Countries, GDF Suez
    • João Gomes Pereira, Marketing Director, Schlumberger
    • Javier Sánchez, Regional Manager, Latin America North, OSIsoft, Inc.
    • Paloma Sarria, Origination Manager for the Andean Region, EcoSecurities
Fossil Fuels
The Americas count tremendous opportunities and growing challenges associated with conventional fossil fuels. How can innovative partnerships and technology maximize the efficiency of fossil fuel use while mitigating the environmental impacts, reducing conventional pollution as well as the carbon footprint associated with their use? How can the region unleash its huge hydrocarbon potential in a manner commensurate with today’s climate backdrop?
  • Facilitador: Hugo Altomonte, Energy Division Chief, CEPAL
  • Gustavo Navarro, Director General de Hidrocarburos, Ministerio de Energía y Minas de Perú (Spanish Only)
  • Perspectives & Responses
    • Kevin Stringer, Director General of Petroleum Resources, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
    • Paul Flowers, Strategic Planning and Policy Advisor, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of Belize
    • José Felix García, Executive Secretary, Regional Association of Oil and Natural Gas Companies in Latin America & Caribbean (ARPEL)
Enhancing the Region’s Energy Infrastructure
Strengthening the energy infrastructure of the Western Hemisphere – particularly power lines and pipelines – may substantially increase the security and reliability of the sector across the region. How can countries of the region best foster modernized and more resilient critical energy infrastructure and what new initiatives may be undertaken to strengthen the region’s interconnections? Energy as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation
Improving energy services to the region’s poorest citizens continues to be a pressing challenge; fuel wood dependency of many of the region’s poor for energy is both inefficient and a health risk. Expanding energy access may be achieved through a combination of conventional and alternative energy solutions. What are the best practices to achieving the region’s energy access goals and how can partnerships be designed to maximize their impact?
  • Facilitador: Alba Gamarra, Director, Information Center for Renewable Energy (CINER)
  • Expert Presenter: Richard Grinnell, International Vice President, HELPS International & Member of “Partnership for Clean Indoor Air” (Spanidh Only)
  • Perspectives & Responses
    • Tomás Vaquero, Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment of Honduras
    • Jaques Gabriel, Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Communication of Haiti
    • Ramón Méndez, National Energy Director, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay
    • Marisa Quiñones, Advisor to the Vice Minister for Environmental Management, Ministry of Environment of Peru
Private Sector Panel
Reflecting on the presentations and insights from regional representatives, the private sector will provide feedback on partnership initiatives related to hydrocarbons, investing in and enhancing the energy infrastructure, and alleviating poverty.
  • Facilitador: Jeremy M. Martin, Director, Energy Program, Institute of the Americas
  • Perspectives & Responses
    • José Carlos Armas, Director, NEOGas Perú
    • Milton Costa Filho, President, Regional Association of Oil and Natural Gas Companies in Latin America & Caribbean (ARPEL)
    • Alvaro Ríos Roca, Director, Gas Energy Latin America
    • Katharine Fierro, Country Manager, World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE)
    • Alberto Barandiaran, Civil Society Representative from Peru
Symposium Wrap Up & Next Steps
  • Pedro Sánchez, Minister of Energy & Mines, Peru
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